The Log Drive Café
is Looking for a New Home
(even if it’s temporary)

Farewell Nectar

 Greetings friends of the Log Drive Café,

I hope you’re keeping safe and healthy out there.

With vaccines and re-openings, I am hoping we can get back to gathering together again, even if it looks a little different than in the before times.

But first, the Log Drive Café needs a new space, even if it’s temporary.

The former home of Nectar Centre and the Log Drive Café at 255 MacKay st. has been sold for redevelopment, and Nectar Centre has left the building. Since it was Nectar Centre who rented the space to us, we are now on the lookout for a new home. I know I’m not the only one who will miss the warmth and resonance of the gallery at Nectar Centre or the friendly people who made it such a special place.

I invite you to share your thoughts on where the Log Drive Café goes from here. Your collective creativity and resourcefulness will lead to a better solution than I could ever find alone. You can share your feedback by writing an email at the bottom of this page or sending a message through
Our Facebook page.

1. Do you have ideas for where the Log Drive Café could have events Some criteria for an ideal space include . . . A room that sounds good A space that is friendly for a group of people singing together Reasonably ea

By the way, do you sing/play traditional folk songs?

Do you live in Ottawa or are planning to visit?

If you answered yes to both of these questions,
The Log Drive Café is looking for you

Bluegrass animals 2

We’d love to host you in person as soon as we have a new venue.

We can promote your show and connect you with an audience with a deep appreciation for folk music and group singing. 

The Log Drive Café is a traditional music concert series based in Ottawa. We feature local and visiting folk singers and musicians in a coffee-house setting, in which the audience is welcome and encouraged to sing along.

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